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How To Link Nanacast and GoToWebinar

A mate of mine who runs a few webinars asked if it was possible to link nanacast to GoToWebinar Nothing I like more than a technical challenge… let’s see if this works… Yep! Works a treat – this is why I LOVE Nanacast. It makes it so easy to integrate with other systems.

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How To Link Nanacast.com and WishList Member

Want to use Nanacast for Affiliate Tracking and payment handling and still deliver secured, drip-fed membership content through WordPress using Wishlist Member? With WishListCast you can do exactly that. Here’s how… Grab Nanacast Grab Nanacast (yes, that’s my link) Grab and Install WishList Member Refer to Wishlist documentation for this http://wishlistproducts.com/ Grab and Install WishListCast [...]

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My SEO Process Flowchart

This is what happens when you sit down with an E-Myth coach and he makes you explain how exactly you do what you do… Here is my SEO System – how I "do" SEO for both my own sites and clients. Hope it helps!

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Disable the WordPress Upgrade Nag

I love WordPress – it’s awesome and it let’s me build fantastic and functional sites for my clients. But I HATE that upgrade nag you get whenever a new release comes out. Because invariably, one of my clients will log in, see the “WordPress 3.0 is available! Please update now.” message, and think that they [...]

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Effective Problem Solving

Do you get frustrated by technology? When things go wrong – as they inevitably do – how do you go about solving them? Do you even know where to turn for help? I was recently asked how it was that I seemed to just “know” how to fix stuff. My initial response was that it   [...]

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Fun with Regular Expressions (RegEx)

I’ve been having fun with Regular Expressions today! I was after a solution for one of my clients who posed this challenge… When someone clicks on my ads, I want to send them to my index page (index.php), and I want to pass in information about the campaign as well as the keyword. At the [...]

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