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How To Link Nanacast.com and WishList Member

Want to use Nanacast for Affiliate Tracking and payment handling and still deliver secured, drip-fed membership content through WordPress using Wishlist Member?

With WishListCast you can do exactly that. Here’s how…

Grab Nanacast

Grab Nanacast (yes, that’s my link) :-)

Grab and Install WishList Member

Refer to Wishlist documentation for this


Grab and Install WishListCast plugin


Grab it here – it’s free!

Upload through standard WordPress plugin install process

Create a Membership Level in WishList


Refer to Wishlist documentation for how to do this

Collect integration details from the Integration tab in Wishlist


You need to know the "Secret Word" and the SKU for the membership you want to link

Create a Membership in Nanacast

This is the membership we will link to your Wishlist Membership Level
(i.e. signing up to this Nanacast membership will add you to Wishlist)
Refer to Nanacast documentation for how to do this.

Add "Password" as a custom field


This is the same as if you were using MemberLock

Tick the box to "not show password field and Auto-Generate Password Instead"

Link to WishListCast from your Nanacast Membership Custom Fields/Notifications


This is where you will link Nanacast to Wishlist through the WishListCast plugin


If you have multiple membership levels you want to join you can use a "pipe" (|) to separate them, eg.


Test by creating a New member


Add a new member in Nanacast.

The member will appear in your Wishlist Members

Check member appears in WishList Members


At this point, integration is working.

If you Unsubscribe the member in Nanacast, they will be Cancelled in Wishlist (simulate PayPal / credit card recurring payment stopped).
If you Resubscribe the member in Nanacast, they are Re-Activated in Wishlist (simulate PayPal / credit card recurring payment resuming)